Thursday, February 23, 2006

Full text RSS

There's been on-going conversation regarding whether RSS feeds should be full-text or partial text. Scoble likes to point out those feeds that are partial and believes full-text is goodness. Yesterday, Todd at GeekNews jumped in with Robert Scoble hits the nail on the head with RSS Full Text Feeds!

I want to add a simple point to the conversation. I listen to TWit and a few shows back Leo LaPorte was discussing how one of his sites ran up an incredible bandwidth fee one month due, in large part to RSS updates. One commentator characterized feed readers as "sitting on the edge of their seats - in an automated fashion".

Leo is lucky because he is friends with his ISP and got a break on the bandwidth charge.

The Achilles' heal of RSS are readers and their users' who find it necessary to poll every 10 minutes for updates. With that risk, many sites will have to continue to provide partial feeds so they can afford to stay on-line.


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